I LOVE crystal energy, and if you've been in my home, you have seen
      evidence of that!  Crystals are a beautiful gift from Mother Earth to
      support and assist us on our Earth journey.  It is my great pleasure to share
      them with you!  I have a selection of various crystals and crystal jewellery
      ---with some items in quantities that are available at wholesale prices. 
I also carry a selection of crystals to support the courses I teach and for clients who come to me for Akashic Records Consultations.  I have Palo Santo wood; Himalayan salt crystals; Moldavite oil and bath salts; and a wonderful variety of smudge blends created by Fluorescent Ranch.  
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the lovingly selectedI items that I have to offer!  Check out the 'Contact Me' page on this site for ways to connect with me.

  Blessings to you,



Conscious Connections


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