Conscious Connections


As I've said, it brings me great JOY to teach and share with others, and to witness my students step into their own self empowerment!  Courses are always evolving and developing, so be sure to check in often to see what's in the works!  Courses are generally held at my home, and I've been told by former students that they find the atmosphere to be warm, inviting and comfortable, which is great, because that's what I'm striving for!  Weather permitting, we may spend some of our course time outdoors in the beautiful natural setting that I'm blessed to live in!  I am open to taking my courses 'on the road', depending on circumstances... don't be afraid to present various scenarios to me... we don't always know where Spirit is going to lead us!

Here's what I'm offering currently for Courses (GST is included in all prices listed):

~Conscious Connections~
2 day course

    This was my signature course and it will introduce you to various modalities and tools for 'making the connection' to your 'Higher Self' and to all the love and support the Universe has to offer!

    You will learn about chakras, auras, working with energy, the psychic senses, guides and angels, crystal energy, pendulums, oracle cards, and so much more! This course is a very comprehensive introductory level course!

Cost: $198.00, which includes an angel oracle card deck of your
choice, a crystal of your choice, the course manual, and refreshments. 


~Conscious Connections...The Next Level~
2 day course
Prerequisite...Conscious Connections Course

    Former students have asked me to create this course. So, you've been introduced to the various means of making a conscious connection to your 'Higher Self', let's take it to the next level! Let's delve a little further and learn in more detail about what we were introduced to in the first course. You now know that you have always had it within you to access that amazing aspect of yourself that some call intuition, and you have been introduced to some basic tools. In this course, we will go into more depth about each topic, leaving you with a richer understanding and more tools.  Trust me...these 2 days will be FULL of new information and experiences that will assist you in making a conscious connection!

Cost: $198.00, which includes your choice of either an angel oracle card deck, a crystal or a pendulum; a meditation CD created by Linda; the course manual, and refreshments.


~Working With Oracle Cards~
Half day or evening course (3 hours)

    This course is what I call a 'vignette' course, meaning it is a basic introduction to just one of the tools available to us for making a conscious connection. I have been working with oracle cards for over 20 years, and find them to be a very accurate means of divination...I LOVE working with them and introducing others to this beautiful means of connecting to Spirit!  In this course you will learn how to best choose your deck, how to clear it, consecrate it, protect & store it, and of course do readings for yourself (and others) with it! Even if you've worked with oracle cards before, there is always something new to learn. JOYFUL!

Cost: $68.00 which includes your choice of an oracle card deck
and refreshments. (Bring a notebook and pen with you.)


~Introduction to Crystal Energy~
Half day or evening course (3 hours)

    This is another of my 'vignette' courses and is an introduction to crystal energy--one of my passions--which will be evident when you visit my home and find that there are crystals everywhere! In this course, you will be introduced to crystal energy. You will learn various means for selecting your crystal, clearing/cleansing it, charging/programming it, simple gridding with crystals, and how to incorporate crystal energy into your life to enhance it! Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth to support us on this Earth Walk! I am in gratitude and can't wait to share this beautiful energy with you!

Cost: $68.00, which includes a course manual, a crystal or crystal bracelet of your choice, and refreshments. (Bring a notebook and pen with you.)


~Introduction to Crystal Energy (including how to work with a pendulum)~
full day course

     I LOVE working with crystal energy, and I am thrilled to be teaching an extended version of my 'Introduction to Crystal Energy' course.  This course will delve further into gridding with crystals; programming your crystals; creating crystal elixirs; and how to select and work with a pendulum as a wonderful tool of divination.  FUN!  I will have a variety of pendulums available for you to use during the course and to purchase afterwards, if you wish.  You are encouraged to bring your pendulum with you should you already own one.

     Crystal energy is a beautiful gift from the Creator and Mother Earth to assist and support us in our journey.  It is pure joy for me to share my knowledge about and passion for crystals with my students; as well as to witness my students embracing this wonderful energy in their own way!

This is a full day course that runs from 10 to 4.  We break for lunch, so please bring a bagged lunch with you.

Course cost:  $124.00 which includes the course manual; a crystal , crystal bracelet, or pendulum, of your choice; and refreshments.  Please bring a pen and notebook with you.


~Know and Connect With Your Angels 
(including how to work with Angel oracle cards)~
full day course

     In this course, you will be introduced to the Angelic Realm, encompassing the Archangels and your Guardian Angels and how to consciously connect with them; including how to work with the gentle and accurate divination tool of angel oracle cards.  After being introduced to the various aspects of the Angelic Realm and the energies and support they offer us, you will select  your own angel oracle card deck (I have an extensive selection).  You will be instructed in how to use the deck, will practise using it during the course, and will take the deck home with you at the conclusion of the course.  The Angelic Realm is a glorious gift from the Creator to assist and guide us in this physical experience, and learning to work with them consciously always enhances your life; which is why it brings me such joy to share this information with you!  Your angels want to connect with you…find out how to do so in a safe and sacred environment!

This is a full day course that runs from 10 to 4.  We break for lunch, so please bring a bagged lunch with you.

Course cost:  $124.00 which includes the course manual, an angel oracle card deck of your choice (value - approximately $20-$30), and refreshments.  Please bring a pen and notebook with you.


~Empowering Yourself Through the Akashic Records~
Levels 1, 2, 3, and Practitioner


     The Universe has been 'nudging me' for some time now, and I am beyond excited to share this course with you!  Many have been expressing to me their interest in working in , and developing their relationship with the Akashic Records, and have reached out to me in this regard.  The seed had been planted some time ago that it is part of my life purpose to assist in making the Akashic Record energy more well-known and accessible. The time is NOW!  It is my intention and intense desire to do so through teaching this course.

     I will be sharing my personal knowledge of, and experience with, the Akashic Records in a course series:  Levels 1, 2, 3, and Practitioner.  I am most gratified to have been inspired to create this course and to have it present to me!  IT JUST FEELS RIGHT!   I am PASSIONATE about this course series and I intend to approach teaching it with integrity and honouring of the sacredness of the Akashic Records energy.  Can you sense my enthusiasm?

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment; through learning how to access and work in the unconditional Love energy of Akasha!

Level 1 ~  Introduction to and background information about the Akashic Records.

Level 2 ~ Introduction to, and working with the Sacred Prayer to access your own Records.

Level 3 ~ Introduction to, and working with the Sacred Prayer to access the Records of others.

Practitioner ~ The ethics and protocol to conducting Akashic Records Consultations for others.

Note:  Each level constitutes a full day, from 10:00 to 5:00 each day.

Course cost:

Level 1 ~ $222.00 which includes a course manual.

Level 2 ~ $222.00 which includes the course manual, and a laminated copy of the Sacred Prayer to access your own Records.

Level 3 ~ $222.00 which includes the course manual, and a laminated copy of the Sacred Prayer to access the Records for others.

Practitioner ~ $222.00 which includes the course manual and a certificate of completion.

Certification ~ $88.00 which includes guidance and feedback in creating your information package and prelude, evaluation of the requisites required for certification, and a certificate signifying that you have completed the requirements to be an Akashic Records Practitioner through this program.

NOTE:  Early bird cost of $188.00 per Level, when cost is paid in full 2 weeks prior to the course.

Cost for all four levels is $752 when paid in full, 2 weeks prior to the Level 1 class.
Cost for all four levels and Certification, when paid in full 7 days prior to the Level 1 class is $840.00.


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