Conscious Connections



                              Welcome to my blog, 'Linda...Likewise'...

     I am grateful for this venue in which to share with you my perspective,
insight and learnings on issues common to Lightworkers, as we navigate
our way through this life experience. Why the title, 'Linda...Likewise...'? I
happen to love words, and I believe in the power of words...this is my attempt at a play on words. I believe that the commonality of our experiences outweigh the
differences. I hope that I can bring some wisdom, both my own accrued
wisdom and learnings and those shared with me by respected spiritual
teachers and leaders, to the issues that affect our lives in the metaphysical
community. It is my intention, with this blog, to support you on your journey,
and to create a sense of fellowship.

     Feel free to contact me by e-mail with questions or concerns that you
would like to see addressed here. We are a community of support for one

     You will also find on this page, postings of dates and times for courses I
am offering and events I am visit here often for updates.

     I am so excited about connecting with you!
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