Conscious Connections


   The word 'Akasha' is Sanskrit for 'primary substance', or the source from which everything began, and so the 'Akashic Record' is the past, present and future knowledge of all things. Your Akashic Record is the recording of your Soul's journey since inception, as well as the possibility of its progression in the future. An Akashic Record Consultation consists of opening up the Record of your Soul and allowing that information to come forward. Only the information that will support you in our life right NOW will be released. It provides guidance as to how to work through patterns that are present in your life, as well as insight into why these patterns may exist for you. Specifics about past lives may or may not be relevant. What is revealed during an Akashic Record reading is ALWAYS for your greater good. The Akashic Records are sacred, and it is a blessing to reside in this beautiful, unconditional Love energy. I consider it an honor to assist you in accessing this healing energetic space!

    When you meet with me for an Akashic Records Consultation, you will find that a session embraces aspects of the various modalities of consciously connecting that I have had the privilege of studying, as I do not see them as 'separate from', but rather, as 'complimentary to' each other. I feel that all I had learned before brought me here and I KNOW that giving Akashic Records Consultations for others feels like 'coming home' to me!  Once we are in the beautiful energy of your Akashic Records, I find that my abilities as an Intuitive and a healer are also 'amped up', and often my clients receive information not only from their Records, but I also give them messages that I am receiving on their behalf. I believe strongly that this is completely of integrity, as long as I let the client know the source of the information that I am conveying to them. Then, as always, it is up to the recipient/client to embrace from the consultation what resonates with their Soul and to let the rest go... Trust me...your Soul knows what is true for you!

    Once you book a reading with me, I will email you an information package, which includes instructions about how to best prepare for the Consultation. I have some very specific guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of your session with me. Consultations are held in my home or by phone. You are responsible for recording the session yourself if you have a phone reading, otherwise I provide you with a recording. Please allow 1 ½ hours for the session, of which 1 hour will be the actual reading.  I find that most readings fall naturally into that 1 hour time frame, and there will be some explanation/discussion prior to and following the reading, especially at your first session. You will only be charged for the time of the
recorded reading.

Fee: $115.00/hour
PLEASE NOTE: To book a Consultation, and to ask any questions you
may have, please visit the 'Contact Me' page on this website. I am always
happy to hear from you!


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