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     I am blessed to be married to my best friend, Tony, and to be the mother of three adult children who have graced my life in every way...  I am so grateful for their love and support!  I am also grateful for my children's spouses who have become the 'children of my heart'!  My husband and I have ventured into the wonderful world of being grandparents and what a blessing that is!  Pure JOY!

     Of course, my Spiritual journey has been a life-long one, but my "formal learning" ~when tools to better access and manage my abilities entered my life~ began following the sudden death of my beloved younger brother in 1997.  I absolutely consider him my conduit to stepping more consciously onto my Spiritual path, and I bless him for that.

     My studies began in Shamanism and it was here that I was introduced to the concept that "everything is energy"... WOW!  This was life changing for me!  I had always been extremely sensitive to energy, and had no means of coping or understanding what it was that I was experiencing, which often caused me great anxiety.  I learned that I am an empath.  In my study of Shamanism, I was gifted with tools and strategies for not only dealing with my abilities, but also utilizing them.  It was here that I was introduced to crystal energy!  Finally, I understood why I had always felt compelled to haul certain rocks from my travels home with me!

     A few years later, I had my first angel oracle card reading, and this was another beautiful revelation to me!  I had always felt angelic presence in my life, but now angel oracle cards were introduced to me as an accurate tool in communicating with your angels.  I have been working with angel oracle cards for close to 20 years.  Love them! And now I have published my own oracle card deck—a very heart-centered project for me!

     My quest for better understanding my sensitivity to energy led me to begin studying Reiki in 2004.  I completed my training in both Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master level in 2010.

     A wonderful friend and teacher, Cindy Smith, entered my life and I was a student of Cindy's first AEP (Angel Empowerment Practioner) certification course in 2009.  I completed her first Advanced AEP course in 2011, and was certified in Mediumship, also at that time.

     Through a fellow AEP, I learned of an Akashic Records course that I felt compelled to take, and I received my certification as a consultant in January 2011.  With this, I have found my niche!  All that I have learned to this point comes together when a client comes to me for an Akashic Records Consultation.  It feels so natural to me, and I have no doubt that this is one of the ways that I am meant to be of service!   SO JOYFUL!

     There have been numerous other courses and learnings along the way, as well as the fact that I am a voracious reader, and have an extensive library of metaphysically based books. 

      You've, no doubt, encountered the phrase, "When the student is ready, the teacher will present.". This has been so evident in my life, and I am in gratitude to the beautiful teachers who have assisted and encouraged me in my learning...I honor you!

      I have been a teacher all my life: teaching dance as a young teenager; teaching figure skating as an older teenager; earning my Bachelor of Education degree and embarking on my teaching career; and, now, teaching Spiritually based courses. One of my greatest joys is to share my learning's with others, and to witness their stepping confidently onto their OWN Spiritual path...JUST PURE JOY IN THAT!!! 

     In having studied various modalities on my journey, it is my absolute belief that all aspects of Spiritual study/learning are entwined with common threads---that EVERYTHING is energy, and that INTENTION is key! There is connection, if we are conscious. All that I have learned to this point creates the mosaic of my Spirituality and my teaching and my consultations. In sharing the diversity of my background, I just know that my students will have the opportunity to experience that which resonates for them. I know how my Spiritual learnings have enhanced my life, and it's my desire that others experience that for"The teacher is the student ready?". Check out the courses I offer!

    I have a Facebook page:  Conscious Connections With Linda. Check it out for updates and announcements and for information about the 'Cross Creek Spiritual and Artisan Markets' that we host here on our farm.  We began hosting these monthly spring and summer markets in 2017. Simply go to my Facebook page and click on 'Events' to learn more about these markets!  Our intention is to showcase our wonderful vendors and to inform and inspire our market guests with the Speakers Forum aspect of our markets. Admission is FREE!

      For many years, I truly enjoyed sharing a  reading each week day by pulling a card and posting the reading on my website, as well as my Facebook page...a little 'heads up' about what your day may have in store for you!  Recently, I have found that it's time for me to connect with you in new ways, so watch to see how that transpires!

      We are currently clearing our stock of Crystal singing bowls! Beautiful, soothing, healing, uplifting music for your Soul! Check out the Singing Bowl page in the sidebar for more information.  We also offer a beautiful and affordable selection of Selenite lamps, towers, etc., because we LOVE the energy of Selenite and we made a beautiful connection with some Moroccan Selenite marketers while we were at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show!  

      So...that's me! I am passionate about this journey and I look forward to sharing time with you and bearing witness as you step into your own power to make 'conscious connections'!

                                                                 Blessings to you,



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